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Speech - Language Therapy

The Speech-Language Pathology Department offers outpatient evaluation and treatment services to individuals with communication impairments, cognitive-communication, swallowing or voice problems caused by stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other forms of neurological conditions or trauma. For more information, please call (914) 597-2234.

Speech and Language: Related Programs

The Swallow Center at Burke
FEESST (Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing and Sensory Testing) is an instrumental evaluation tool that assesses the sensory and motor components of swallowing for patients. FEESST provides clinicians with objective data that aids in identifying patients at risk for aspiration and guides the clinician in recommending the most appropriate foods and liquids to a patient so that he or she can swallow safely.  For more information, please call (914) 597-2234.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (VitalStim) is therapy for patients who have trouble swallowing (dysphagia). It uses small electrical currents to stimulate the muscles responsible for swallowing, while speech-language pathologists help patients re-educate their muscles through rehabilitation therapy.  For more information, please call (914) 597-2234.

EMG Biofeedback
EMG Biofeedback is a therapeutic swallowing tool that presents auditory and visual signals to aid the patient in learning and practicing dysphagia intervention exercises.  Viewing the swallow as it occurs, the patient is able to monitor and alter swallowing behaviorFor more information, please call (914) 597-2234.

Communication Groups for People with Communication Difficulties
Adults with communication disorders can attend one of two 10-week sessions to learn strategies to enhance communication skills. Patients who have language difficulties (aphasia), slurred, slowed or difficult to understand speech (dysarthria), or difficulties executing skilled movements for speech (apraxia) can participate.  This is a fee-based program but scholarship opportunities may be available. For more information, please call (914) 597-2234.

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment Program for Parkinson's disease
Burke Rehabilitation Hospital's speech-language pathologists are certified to provide this intensive four-week outpatient treatment program, which has been scientifically and clinically verified to improve the voice and speech of patients with Parkinson's disease or other neurological disorders. In addition to targeting immediate post-treatment improvement, the program focuses on developing skills for long-term maintenance. For more information, or to arrange an evaluation, please call (914) 597-2234.

Voice Evaluation and Treatment Programs
Individually designed outpatient programs are available to alleviate voice problems associated with vocal nodules and polyps or with overuse/misuse of the voice. Treatment utilizes biofeedback, exercises, vocal hygiene instruction and recommendations tailored to each person's work, social, and home environments. For more information, or to arrange an evaluation, please call (914) 597-2234.

Video: Speech-Language Therapist Working with a Patient with Fluent Aphasia

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