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Vestibular Therapy Program

What is a vestibular disorder?

The vestibular system is made up of parts of the inner ear and the brain that help control how our eyes and head coordinate movement. When parts of that system are injured or damaged, people can experience symptoms of:

  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Visual blurring
  • Nausea
  • Imbalance
  • Anxiety

Dizziness alone is one of the most common reasons for a physician or emergency room visit in the United States. In fact, one recent study estimated that approximately 69 million Americans aged 40 years or older have experienced some form of vestibular dysfunction. Adults and children with a vestibular disorder may have a higher incidence of falling and this may result in them limiting simple everyday activities like climbing the stairs, going shopping or driving.

Studies have shown that vestibular therapy is an effective treatment for those people seeking help to get back their quality of life. Physiological and psychological benefits include:

  • Decreased dizziness
  • Lower risk of falling
  • Increased balance and confidence
  • Relief of vertigo
  • Enhanced walking mobility and endurance
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Improved quality of life

Our services include:

At Burke, physical therapists with advanced vestibular training and experience will provide a thorough examination of common vestibular diagnoses.

Patients will receive treatment plans based on their individual needs and diagnosis, which may include gaze stabilization, habituation, and/or balance training. Burke utilizes the latest, most cutting-edge technology, including the use of advanced infrared goggles for a more effective treatment approach. Along with treatment, there are also ongoing research opportunities to help advance the field of vestibular therapy.

To participate in the outpatient vestibular therapy program at Burke, you will need a prescription from your doctor. He or she may also require you to take certain balance and vestibular tests prior to providing the prescription and beginning the program.

Please have the prescription and any rest results faxed to the outpatient location of your choice. Once they are received, Burke will contact you to schedule an evaluation with one of our vestibular therapists.

After the evaluation, you will be enrolled in a treatment program that occurs one to two times a week for 4-12 weeks, based on your individualized needs.

The outpatient vestibular therapy program is available at:

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