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Physical Therapy

At Burke, we offer outpatient physical therapy services for patients (adolescent to geriatric) recovering from orthopedic, neurological, cardiopulmonary, and vestibular impairments of all diagnoses. All patients with a valid medical prescription get a thorough individualized assessment of their specific problem. Plans of care are geared toward restoring prior levels of function and maximizing patients’ potential. Using a team approach, frequent communication with the referring physician and other health care providers is emphasized. All of Burke's outpatient physical therapists have advanced degrees, and some have advanced certifications within specialized niches, such as Pilates, McKenzie spine evaluation and treatment and lymphedema management. Physical therapy is available at Burke’s main campus in White Plains and at our outpatient rehabilitation clinics in ArmonkElmsford, MamaroneckPurchase, SomersYonkers - Executive Plaza, Yonkers - Ridge Hill, and the Bronx - Hutch Metro, 6th Floor and the Bronx - Hutch Metro. For more information, please click on the link of the clinic you are interested in learning more about.

Outpatient Physical Therapy: Related Programs

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) Program for Parkinson's disease - "Big"
Outpatient physical therapists are certified to provide this intensive four-week outpatient treatment program, which has been scientifically and clinically verified to improve the movement patterns, balance, walking, and overall quality of life for patients with Parkinson's disease or other neurological disorders. Based on the "Loud" program used in Speech Therapy, the "Big" program targets immediate post-treatment improvement, along with developing skills for long-term maintenance. For more information, please call (914) 597-2122.

Lymphedema Treatment Program
Lymphedema is the accumulation of lymphatic fluid that causes swelling in the body's tissues, most often found in the arms or legs, but that can also affect the face, neck, trunk, genitalia and abdomen. There is no cure for lymphedema, but early intervention and management techniques enable most patients to lead normal lives. Burke’s certified lymphatic therapists implement the Complete Decongestive Therapy approach (CDT) with their lymphedema patients. Treatment may include manual lymphatic drainage, multilayer compression bandaging, exercises, compression garment measuring and fitting and extensive patient education. The lymphedema treatment program is available at Burke's outpatient locations in Mamaroneck and Yonkers - Ridge Hill. For more information, please call (914) 597-2556 or (914) 597-2882.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation
The outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation program utilizes multiple rehabilitative, educational and therapeutic modalities integrated according to an individualized plan of care. Patients are provided with individualized instruction and training that will enable them to perform daily activities within the limitations of their disease and restore the individual to the highest possible level of independent function within the community. For more information, please call (914) 597-2122.     

Functional Electric Stimulation
Outpatient physical therapists  are trained to administer treatments using the latest in FES (Functional Electric Stimulation) technology, including the Bioness L300Plus, RT 200 recumbent stepper, and RT 300 cycle ergometer. The L300 has been researched to improve walking in individuals with MS, CVA and other neurologic impairments. Several outpatient PT staff are certified as L300 clinicians, which requires advanced coursework. The RT 200 stepper and 300 cycle offers individuals with spinal cord injury or stroke the benefits of stepping and cycling to improve leg muscle circulation and strength. For individuals who have completed their therapy and satisfy eligibility requirements, we offer a fee-for-service program for continued use of the machines and their benefits. For more information, please call (914) 597-2122.

McKenzie Diagnosis and Treatment
The long-term goal of the McKenzie Method is to teach patients suffering from neck pain and/or back pain how to treat themselves and manage their own pain for life, using exercise and other strategies. Other goals include: reducing pain quickly, returning to normal functioning in daily activities, minimizing the risk of recurring pain (by avoiding painful postures and movements) and reducing the number of return visits to the spine specialist. Proven effective by years of research, a central tenet of the McKenzie Method is that self-healing and self-treatment are important for the patient’s pain relief and rehabilitation. No passive modalities, such as heat, cold, ultrasound, medicine or needles, are used in the treatment. McKenzie diagnosis and treatment is available at Burke's outpatient locations in Yonkers - Executive Plaza and Yonkers - Ridge Hill. For more information, please call (914) 597-2882 or (914) 597-3850.

Vestibular Therapy Program 
This physical therapy program includes assessment and treatment for vertigo, disequilibrium, dizziness, central or peripheral vestibular loss, gait imbalance or headache. We utilize a variety of specialized, evidence-based techniques to assist in examining and treating the patient. Individualized programs are then established. Vestibular rehabilitation by certified Vestibular Physical Therapists is available at the Purchase, Somers, White PlainsYonkers - Ridge Hill and Yonkers - Executive Plaza locations. For more information, please call (914) 597-2133.

Concussion Management
We have dedicated physical therapists with advanced training and experience in concussion management who provide detailed evaluations and guidance to address the range of symptoms associated with a concussion. We utilize a variety of specialized, evidence-based techniques to assist in screening the vestibular system, visual system, cervical (neck) component, and activity tolerance.  Our physical therapists work with referring physicians, neuropsychologists, and a multidisciplinary team to help patients reach their goals, including return to sports, school, and work. Physical Therapy for concussion management is offered at the ElmsfordPurchase, Somers, Yonkers - Ridge Hill and Yonkers - Executive Plaza locations. For more information, please call 914-597-2133.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Program
Burke’s Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Program includes treatment for a wide range of pelvic floor conditions including:

Women's Health

  • Pre-natal care
  • Postpartum care
  • Post-gynecological surgery
  • Pelvic pain
  • Female incontinence (urinary and fecal)
  • Chronic constipation
  • Urologic, pelvic, and breast cancer care

Male Pelvic Floor Dysfunction 

  • Male pelvic pain
  • Post prostatectomy
  • Male incontinence (urinary and fecal)
  • Chronic constipation
  • Urologic, pelvic, and breast cancer care

If you are experiencing these or other musculoskeletal problems,  speak to your physician about a referral to the Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Program. The program is available at the Yonkers - Ridge Hill, Somers and the Bronx - Hutch Metro, 6th Floor locations. For more information on rehabilitation for your specific diagnosis, please call (914) 597-2882 or (914) 597-2890.

Focus on Golf
Return to Golf after injury or surgery with Burke’s certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Physical Therapists. In conjunction with traditional physical therapy treatments, the TPI program offers avid and recreational golfers the opportunity to prevent and recover from an injury while safely healing in order to develop a deeper understanding of how the body functions during the golf swing. Called the “Golf Swing Connection”, our specially trained therapists provide a thorough physical examination and golf swing analysis and individualized physical therapy treatments, to prevent injury and promote recovery, improving patients’ overall health and golf game. From orthopedic to neurological conditions, the TPI approach is for everyone. This is available at Burke's Bronx-Hutch Metro location. For more information, please call 914-597-3860.

Scoliosis/Kyphosis Management (The Schroth Method)
Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine which causes an asymmetry of the trunk, ribcage, and pelvis. It can develop congenitally, during childhood, or during adulthood.  It is the most common spinal deformity, affecting 3% of the US population and is more prevalent and progressive in females than males.  Kyphosis, also known as Scheuermann’s Disease when occurring in younger individuals, is a postural disorder of the thoracic vertebrae that creates a more rounded appearance in the upper trunk/shoulders and causes compression of the spine and ribs. The Schroth Method is the premier conservative treatment for scoliosis and kyphosis patients of all ages.  Certified Schroth practitioners in the Burke Outpatient department will provide expert treatment using this approach. Goals of Schroth treatment include correcting scoliotic and kyphotic postures, stabilizing and arresting progression of the curve, improving cardio-pulmonary function, reducing pain, and preventing the need for surgery in certain cases.  The Schroth Method involves specific breathing patterns and muscle stabilization exercises, which are performed throughout the developmental sequence to target the reshaping of the torso and create improved body symmetry.  The Method helps patients achieve their optimal spinal alignment and highest level of function, regardless of their degree of curvature, in order to attain “global balance.” For more information on the Schroth method, please call the Somers or Bronx-Hutch Metro outpatient clinics, at 914-597-2890, or 914-597-3860.​

Burke Neurological Exercise Program
For individuals with neurologic impairments or people using wheelchairs, the Burke Neurological Exercise Program provides an individualized exercise program to maintain or improve cardiovascular and muscular stamina. Membership includes two to three orientation sessions with a trained professional to help build the appropriate exercise program and determine which equipment is beneficial for use. A staff member will always be present to help answer any questions, and progress members upon request. The program takes place in the outpatient physical therapy clinic in White Plains. For more information, please call (914) 597-2122.

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