Physician Practice

Dementia and Memory Loss Services and Treatments

Under the direction of Pasquale Fonzetti, M.D., Ph.D., Burke expert physicians conduct a detailed examination focusing on memory problems, possible causes, and specialized verbal and written testing. Specialized services performed for dementia and memory loss include:

  • Pre-evaluation screening and intake
  • Detailed history with a physical examination and neurological exam
  • Formal neuropsychological evaluation of cognitive function
  • Diagnostic neurological imaging (CT, MRI and PET scans)
  • Clinical laboratory screen to exclude reversible causes of cognitive decline
  • Caregiver assessment & assistance
  • Behavioral evaluation and management
  • Routine neurological and neurobehavioral follow up
  • Coordination with appropriate therapy services such as neuropsychology and speech pathology to develop a comprehensive care plan.

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