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Dementia and memory loss treatment in Westchester County, NY

Dementia and Memory Loss

The goal of Burke's outpatient Dementia and Memory Loss Program is to provide you with comprehensive assessment and treatment of memory disorders by the same skilled physicians Burke is known for. While some of the problems with memory you may be experiencing are “normal” as one grows older, others can be the first signs of disease, such as dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease. These memory problems can be disruptive to your life to varying degrees, and you may need specialty services performed by rehabilitation experts in an outpatient setting. Burke's physicians work with you to evaluate, diagnose and treat these life-changing disorders as early as possible to minimize interruption of daily life and facilitate recovery in the shortest amount of time. 


Burke's specialized physicians have extensive experience assessing and treating patients suffering from the diseases that are commonly linked to memory loss problems, including:

Alzheimer’s disease: Typically one of the first signs of cognitive impairment related to Alzheimer's disease are memory problems. The memory loss and other cognitive difficulties increase as the disease progresses, so it is important to visit a trained physician as soon as the first symptoms present themselves. An evaluation by one of Burke's team members can begin the process of addressing these difficulties before the severity progresses.

Dementia: When symptoms associated with a decline in memory or other thinking skills interfere with your ability to perform everyday activities, this is classified as dementia. When you experience these symptoms, visiting an expert physician at Burke for an assessment will allow them to evaluate you for the cause of the condition. Once diagnosed, you will be appropriately treated to minimize the interference of these symptoms and get you back to your daily life. 

Services and Treatments

Under the direction of Pasquale Fonzetti, M.D., Ph.D., Burke expert physicians will conduct a detailed examination focusing on memory problems, possible causes, and specialized verbal and written testing. Specialty services and treatments performed for dementia and memory loss program patients include:

  • Pre-evaluation screening and intake
  • Detailed history with a physical examination and neurological exam
  • Formal neuropsychological evaluation of cognitive function
  • Diagnostic neurological imaging (CT, MRI and PET scans)
  • Clinical laboratory screen to exclude reversible causes of cognitive decline
  • Caregiver assessment & assistance
  • Behavioral evaluation and management
  • Routine neurological and neurobehavioral follow up
  • Coordination with appropriate therapy services such as neuropsychology and speech pathology to develop a comprehensive care plan.

Located in White Plains, Burke Rehabilitation Hospital's Outpatient Physician Practice serves patients from Westchester County, NYC, Northern New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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