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General Questions

How do I become a patient? Back

A physician's prescription for rehabilitation is required in order to initiate therapy. The prescription needs to be signed and dated by the referring physician, and include a diagnosis and the discipline (physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, cardiac rehab, etc.) ordered. The referring practitioner must also be from New York, New Jersey or Connecticut. You can bring the prescription to us in person or send it via mail. For the fastest service, we recommend you or your doctor’s office fax the prescription to the scheduling office at one of the convenient locations. A member of our scheduling team will call you to confirm receipt of your information and arrange your initial appointment.

What should I bring to my first visit? Back

Plan on arriving 15 minutes early in order to complete any paperwork that may be required. Please bring your insurance card, a photo ID, a list of current medications, and any other documents the scheduling representative may have requested when you made your appointment.

What should I wear? Back

For physical and occupational therapy, as well as cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, please wear comfortable or loose clothing that will allow you to easily expose the area being treated and exercise comfortably. Sneakers or rubber soled shoes are also recommended.

Do all of the sites offer the same services? Back

The main campus offers all outpatient services including physical therapy, occupational therapy,  speech and language therapy, as well as cardiac rehabilitation. Other Burke satellite locations offer varied services. It is best to check with the individual locations to determine if the service you are in need of is offered there. Our outpatient services in the community are constantly expanding so there is a good chance that the service you need is available close to home.

Does it matter which site I am treated at? Back

All of the Burke outpatient sites operate in a similar fashion. The staff are all Burke employees, following the same policies and procedures, using the same computer network, and providing the highest quality of care. 

What hours are you open? Back

Hours vary by service and location. Please call the site you are interested in for specific times. For physical therapy, early morning and evening appointments are available at most sites. 

What types of patients do you treat? Back

Burke treats a variety of patients who have experienced a disabling illness or injury. This includes: orthopedic and sports-related injury, spinal cord injury, head trauma, amputation, stroke, cardiovascular and pulmonary disease, arthritis and rheumatic joint diseases, joint replacements, and neurological disorders.

How long will my therapy last? Back

Once your initial evaluation is completed, your physical, occupational or speech therapist establishes goals, a treatment plan and a recommendation for frequency and duration of therapy based on your prescription as well as their findings. Average lengths of stay vary by diagnosis, but generally can last anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months, based upon your needs. The plan may be adjusted according to your progress, insurance guidelines/limitations and the need for ongoing skilled care. You will be instructed in a home exercise program which you will be advised to perform throughout the course of your therapy so that you establish a personal exercise routine to better prepare you for discharge. Your therapist(s) will modify and update your program as needed/as you make progress. Ongoing communication with your therapist and referring physician is encouraged so that you will be ready for your discharge from outpatient therapy. Outpatient cardiac rehabilitation is usually covered for 36 visits, depending on your insurance.

How long is each treatment session? Back

For physical, occupational or speech therapy, initial evaluations are scheduled for 60 minutes, with subsequent visits generally lasting 30-45 minutes with 30 minutes of that time designated as one-on-one time with your therapist. Therapists are never scheduled for more than 2 patients per hour. We understand that each case is unique, so longer sessions are occasionally recommended by the therapists for particular cases. 

Will I see the same therapist each visit? Back

We understand that continuity of care is important to patient outcomes. We will do our best to assign responsibility for your care to one therapist. They will work with you unless they are off for vacation or out sick.

What happens when I am done with therapy? Back

As part of your care, each patient is taught a home exercise program to continue with after discharge. You will receive information about community resources, groups and other therapeutic venues which might help you continue your recovery if necessary.  Burke also offers a variety of post-therapy programs for patients of all levels run through the Burke Adult Fitness Center. Please call (914) 597-2805 for more information.

Does Burke provide transportation? Back

Burke does not provide transportation for outpatient services. Patients with Medicaid and some Workman’s Compensation plans may be eligible for transportation. Please check with your individual carrier for eligibility.

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