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Burke Rehabilitation Hospital Offering Free Support Group For Community Members Suffering From Pulmonary Disease

Released July 29, 2014

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital has announced an expanded Pulmonary Support Group for community residents who have a chronic lung disease such as Pulmonary Fibrosis or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, commonly referred to as COPD. COPD is a lung disease that makes it hard to breathe. It is caused by damage to the lungs over many years, usually from smoking. Excess mucus is often the first sign of COPD. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are common forms of COPD.

Patients with chronic lung conditions often share many of the same concerns such as “Why is it so hard to breathe?” and “Are there any exercises that can help me with my breathing?” Although there is no cure, various treatments can make the illness more manageable and the patient more comfortable.

The goal of the support group is to provide individuals living with chronic lung conditions with tangible tools to assist with the coping with the disease as well as a forum to speak about their experiences and share with others who have similar diagnoses. According to Pam Jones, PT. Program Director for the in-patient Pulmonary program “Individuals living with chronic lung conditions often times have questions and sources of anxiety that may be alleviated by a support group environment. This resource will provide our community with an opportunity to stay educated regarding their disease management while networking with others who share their experiences.”




The Pulmonary Support Group meets from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm the first Wednesday of every month in room B-204 in the Billings Building at the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital’s main campus at 785 Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains, New York. Information provided at the support group also pertains to other areas of interest to those with pulmonary disease and their caregivers. Topics such as how can exercise and nutrition affect ones ability to breathe will also be discussed. The Pulmonary Support Group is free and open to anyone in the community. New members are welcome to attend. For more information about the group, please contact Pam Jones, PT at (914) 597-2843 or via email at


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