Armonk Outpatient Clinic Marks Expanded Services with Open House

Published October 4, 2017

Burke will be hosting a free open house on Friday, October 13th from 3:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. at our newest Outpatient Clinic in Armonk, located at 99 Business Park Drive next to White Plains Hospital Medical and Wellness Center. Mike Bennett with 100.7 WHUD will be on site with music, games and prizes, and refreshments will be served. Burke licensed physical therapists will be on site to speak about services offered, and attendees will be able to tour the clinic.

Burke offers physical and vestibular therapy at the Armonk Outpatient Clinic. Physical therapy services address a wide variety of injuries or symptoms of chronic conditions. Vestibular therapy helps address symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, visual blurring, nausea, imbalance and anxiety as a result of damage to the parts of the inner ear or brain that are part of the vestibular system.

Whether you have finished an inpatient rehabilitative stay and need to continue therapy for your injury or recovery in an outpatient setting, or are someone with a new injury who needs to begin physical therapy, the Armonk Outpatient Clinic has experienced therapists eager to help you with minimal wait time for appointments. A physician’s diagnosis and prescription are needed. Once accepted as a patient, the first session with be a comprehensive evaluation with a New York State licensed physical therapist, and an individual plan of care will be designed.

The newest addition to the services offered at the Armonk Outpatient Clinic are massage therapy services. For a fee, patients and the general public will be able to receive Swedish, Meditative, Deep Tissue or Reflexology Foot massages. The benefits of massage therapy go far beyond pampering; it has gained recognition for its medical application and physical benefits.

For more information on any of the services offered at the Armonk Outpatient Clinic, please click here or call (914) 597-2165. For more information on the open house event, contact (914) 597-2848.

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