Spotlight on: Spinal Cord Injury Program

Published July 11, 2017

Spinal cord injuries can occur any time of the year, but gradually rise as the summer hits, according to research.

If you or a loved one does experience a spinal cord injury, there’s help. Burke’s renowned inpatient spinal cord injury program offers patients the help they need by using the latest technology, equipment and therapies. 

The mission of Burke's program is to provide the most comprehensive, patient centered and effective rehabilitation to maximize recovery from physical, cognitive and psychological impairments caused by traumatic and acquired spinal cord dysfunction. Intensive rehabilitation is provided in a safe, secure and structured environment to allow the individual to reach his or her full potential and return to an active, productive lifestyle.

Burke’s Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)/Neurological Rehabilitation Program:

  • Maximizes recovery from the physical, cognitive, and psychological impairments caused by spinal cord injury
  • Provides the highest quality, patient focused rehabilitation
  • Provides rehabilitation through an interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes communication, collaboration and cooperation
  • Focuses on the individual’s capabilities and use of compensatory strategies and devices to lessen activity limitations
  • Removes or lessens restrictions to participation in life roles and situations to the extent possible, and counsels and educates individuals and families on alternative possibilities for life participation when necessary
  • Prepares the individual with a spinal cord injury, family and/or caregiver to make the transition to the next stage of the rehabilitative process.

For more information on the SCI program, including numerous blog posts on the topic, click here.

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