Faces of Burke Exhibit Open at Country Bank in Scarsdale

Published July 11, 2017

The Faces of Burke photography exhibit continues to travel throughout Westchester County this year with its newest location: Country Bank in Scarsdale, located at 80 Garth Road.

Faces of Burke is a traveling photography exhibit designed to showcase the individuality and courage of Burke Rehabilitation Hospital’s patients. The compelling photographs and stories of the subjects illustrate a diverse and inspiring group of patients who have succeeded in regaining mobility and independence through their experience at Burke.

“We are pleased to bring the ‘Faces of Burke’ exhibit to Country Bank, our Gold Sponsor and a valued corporate supporter,” says Richard Sgaglio, Ph.D., Senior Administrator at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital. “This exhibit illustrates the courage and determination of patients in their rehabilitation journey, which can truly inspire us all.”

One of the patients featured in the photo exhibit is Barbara Kessler, a long-time Scarsdale resident, who overcame a stroke with intensive rehabilitation at Burke and went on to become a national advocate for brain trauma and stroke patients with aphasia and other challenges. Another patient featured is Luke Moretti, also of Scarsdale, who experienced a paralyzing spinal cord injury— and after spending time at Burke, can now take steps on his own.

The photo gallery also features portraits of four additional Burke patients, along with their riveting stories:

  • Max—From amputee to resuming motocross competitions 
  • Barbara—From orthopedic surgery to hiking the Mount Everest trail        
  • Ronald—From a debilitating heart attack to performing surgery again  
  • Susan—From traumatic brain injury to living independently once more 

The exhibit will be open to the public beginning July 11, 2017, daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Country Bank’s Scarsdale branch at 80 Garth Road in Scarsdale. The featured photographer for the exhibit is Tarrytown-based Jesse Rinka.

“Burke’s mission is to help patients achieve their highest level of independence and get back to the lives they love. We are grateful to Country Bank and to the Murphy family. Because of their philanthropy, we can showcase the individuality of these patients and the lives they are now able to lead,” concludes Mr. Sgaglio.

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