Neurophysiology, Neuroimaging and Brain Computer Interfaces in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Progress and Pitfalls

Fri, June 3, 2016
1:30 pm 4:30 pm

Satellite Event @ the International Brain Computer Interface Meeting, 2016

Organizers: Dr. Disha Gupta, Dr. Walid Soussou, Dr. Dennis Dixon
Sponsors: Wearable Sensing, Ahsen Foundation Grant

The aim of this short workshop is to discuss and share, not only the progress being made in autism neuroengineering research but more importantly, the outstanding challenges that either stall or disrupt state-of-the-art research ideas, such as BCI, from being applied in this challenging disorder. The essence of the discussion is to share the lessons learnt from designing, setting up and running neurophysiology research experiments for people with autism, especially children or more-affected people. These valuable experiences are seldom published and researchers lose time and resources in retracing these steps, with little incremental progress. We would also like to reach out to the carers and therapists in ASD and connect them with the engineering and research community. They have the deepest understanding in the practical nuances of managing behavior and enlisting skills aptly, especially in the more-affected people with autism.

The workshop will include short scientific presentations from invited speakers, followed by themed interactive discussions with all participants. Anyone who is interested in or is pursuing neuroengineering research in autism might find the discussion interesting ad helpful. We invite engineers, clinicians, researchers, therapists, carers, industrial equipment manufacturers, to participate and contribute to the discussions.

Date: June 3, 2016 1:30 – 4:30 pm
Cost: Free but please register as seating space will be limited.
Room: Triton at Asilomar Pacific Grounds, Monterey, California

To register please email Disha Gupta at

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