Thank You to All of Burke's Outstanding Nurses

Published May 6, 2016

Today is the start of National Nurses Week, which runs from May 6 – May 12 every year. Burke wants to take a moment to thank all of our nurses, who do an outstanding job every day of helping Burke’s patients make their fullest possible recovery from a life-changing illness or injury.

Burke’s nurses are an integral part of the rehabilitation process. Specializing in rehabilitation and post-acute care, our nurses understand the unique needs of our patient population and play an active role in helping every patient achieve as full a recovery as possible.

To that end, Burke’s nurses are all registered nurses and the hospital maintains a low nurse-to-patient ratio. Burke’s nurses are recognized nationally for their quality and commitment to patient care. Burke received the NDNQI Award for Outstanding Nursing Quality by the American Nurses Association and was selected out of over 1,800 hospitals and was recognized for its achievement in the Rehabilitation Hospital category.

Many of Burke’s nurses are CRRN-certified. The Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) certification is a generalist certification for professional rehabilitation nurses. It’s important because it encourages continued growth and development in the nurses’ area of expertise—plus, it fosters a sense of pride and professionalism in the individual.

In 2007, there were four CRRN-certified nurses at Burke. Today, all nursing administration/nursing management nurses have CRRN designation. In total, Burke currently employs more than 50 CRRN staff members.

To help further the education of Burke nurses, in the spring of 2008, Burke offered its first CRRN Review Course. This three-day course is given by various disciplines discussing topics in their areas of expertise. It offers professional nurses a chance to learn and prepare for, or maintain, their CRRN Certification.

The goal of rehabilitation nursing is to assist individuals with disabilities and chronic illness in the restoration, maintenance, and promotion of optimal health. The rehabilitation nurse is skilled at treating alterations in functional ability and lifestyle resulting from injury, disability, and chronic illness.

Certification in rehabilitation nursing shows that our nurses are committed to excellence in caring for people with physical disabilities and chronic illnesses. It indicates that they are an experienced rehabilitation or restorative nurse who has achieved a level of knowledge in this practice area.

To learn more about Burke’s nursing program, click here. For more on CRRN-certification, click here.

Thanks again to all of Burke’s amazing nurses! Special thanks to Marie Spencer, PhD, CRRN, Senior Administrator, Chief Nursing Officer for contributing to this article. 

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