BMRI Fellow Receives Grant for Stroke Research from American Heart Association

Published July 1, 2015

Jiwon Yang, Ph.D., a postdoctoral fellow at Burke Medical Research Institute, recently received a Postdoctoral Fellowship Award from the American Heart Association for stroke research. Dr. Sunghee Cho, director of preclinical stroke modeling at Burke Medical Research Institute, mentors Dr. Yang.

The two-year $94,600 grant from the American Heart Association will help support Dr. Yang’s investigation of the effect of post-stroke limb conditioning on monocyte/macrophage subsets and stroke recovery. For her investigation she will be using a mouse stroke model where she will perform post-stroke limb conditioning. After the mouse is induced with a stroke the mouse will be given conditioning with a certain series of inflation and deflation of a blood pressure cuff.

“Many clinical studies showed this conditioning has protective effect in myocardiac infarct patients and stroke patients, but the underlying mechanism has not been studied yet,” says Dr. Yang. “Since conditioning is performed on the limb and stroke occurs in brain, I think immune cells might be a mediator of this inter-organ protection.”

With successful execution of the study Dr. Yang aspires to provide insights for developing a potential immune-based strategy of a high clinical relevance for patients with cardio and cerebrovascular diseases.

 The American Heart Association grants Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards to help advance the careers of postdoctoral researchers in the areas of cardiovascular and stroke research.

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