Dr. Edwards and Dr. Putrino Panelists at HealthTech’15

Published May 26, 2015

Dylan Edwards, PT, Ph.D., director, non-invasive brain stimulation and human motor control laboratory, and David Putrino, PT, Ph.D., director of telemedicine and virtual rehabilitation at Burke Medical Research Institute were invited panelists at the second annual HealthTech’15 conference held May 18-19 in Tarrytown, New York. HealthTech is an annual conference with panel discussions focusing on emerging opportunities in health tech, med tech, biotech, and healthcare innovations.

HealthTech'15 Conference

According to Westchester Magazine the most interesting presentations at the conference were those that showed the human impact outcomes of the innovative breakthroughs. Both Dr. Edwards’ and Dr. Putrino’s presentations were featured as The 3 Coolest Things That Happened At HealthTech ’15.

In the innovators show and tell section Dr. Edwards shared a video of Doug’s post-stroke rehabilitation journey. At Burke, Doug is learning to walk again using a robotic physical therapy device called Ekso. At the conference Doug made a surprise appearance. He walked into the room wearing the exoskeleton device accompanied by his wife Amy. The audience was so moved they responded with a standing ovation.

In the 3-D: Printing panel discussion Dr. Putrino shared a video about how 3-D printing is being used to print prosthetic arms to help war victims in Sudan. Project Daniel, a Not Impossible project, inspired a collaborative team to set up most likely the first 3-D printing prosthetic lab. While the project started by helping, 14 year old, Daniel it is now well on it’s way with being able to helping many.

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