BMRI Works Hard Plays Hard at Annual Retreat

Published September 24, 2014

The Burke Medical Research Institute’s 2014 annual retreat took place September 4-5 at the Interlaken Inn in Lakeville, Connecticut.  The annual retreat is a chance for members of the institute to get to know each other, share their work, and recharge in a relaxed, idyllic setting.

This year’s keynote address was delivered by Zhigang He, Ph.D., Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and the Children’s Hospital, and focused on the rebuilding of neuronal circuits after central nervous system injury.  Nine Postdoctoral Fellows gave presentations on their research and were evaluated by their peers for the chance to win an iPad.  Jiwon Yang, Ph.D., a member of the lab of Sunghee Cho, Ph.D., was awarded the top prize for her presentation on neuroimmune mechanisms after post-stroke limb conditioning.

Under clear blue skies, the institute embarked on a raft-building expedition that tested planning, construction, and rowing skills, and brought out some friendly competition.  An evening pub quiz and jam session showcased far-ranging knowledge and talents outside of neuroscience.

As a group, the institute took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to help raise awareness for ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases, and executive director, Rajiv R. Ratan, M.D., Ph.D., made a donation to the ALS Association.  

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