BMRI at NYC tDCS Workshop 2014

Published May 13, 2014

Researchers from the Burke Medical Research Institute were among the international experts invited to present at this year’s NYC tDCS Workshop, held May 6 and 7.  The event, hosted by the Grove School of Engineering at the City College of New York, was a two-day intensive workshop focusing on the design and implementation of tDCS clinical trials.  tDCS, or transcranial direct current stimulation, involves mild electrical currents applied non-invasively to the brain and has shown promise in treating conditions ranging from depression to spinal cord injury.

Dylan Edwards, Ph.D., P.T., director of the Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation and Human Motor Control Laboratory at BMRI was part of an expert panel on “tDCS in combination with behavioral and cognitive therapy.”  Mar Cortes, M.D., a clinical scientist at BMRI, was the moderator for this panel and a panel on “tDCS with pharmacotherapy.”  For more information, please see the complete program.

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