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Make Art Possible: Support the Brainwriter Benefit Art Auction

Published March 28, 2014

David Putrino, Ph.D., P.T., director of Telemedicine and Virtual Rehabilition at the Burke Medical Research Institute, has been working with Not Impossible Labs as the lead scientist on the Brainwriter project.  The Brainwriter, a device that allows people with neuromuscular syndromes to write and draw by translating EEG readings into lines on a screen, was inspired by LA graffiti artist Tempt.

A decade ago, Tempt was diagnosed with ALS, a degenerative nerve disorder that has left him unable to move, speak, or breathe on his own.  But with the help of an eye-tracking device created by Not Impossible Labs, known as the Eyewriter, he was able to communicate and continue creating art.  As Tempt’s eye movements have become more limited, Not Impossible Labs set to work developing a new device—the Brainwriter—that can translate brain waves into directions.

On Sunday, March 30, the Wallspace Gallery in conjunction with Not Impossible Labs will host an art exhibition and benefit auction to support the development of the Brainwriter.  Artworks up for auction include those donated by Olaf Bruening, Colby Bird, Lauren Clay, Shepard Fairey, John Fekner, Amanda Friedman, Ben Gocker, Daniel Gordon, Heather Guertin, Peter Halley, Gabriel Hartley, Scott Kiernan, Tatiana Kronberg, Anke Loh, Carlos Mare, Patricia Mera, Nicholas Moenich, Mary Scahill, Joshua Smith, SWAMPY, Augustus Thompson, Jeffrey Tranchell, and Lizzie Wright. Bidding will continue online through April 7 at:

Proceeds from the event will support the development and deployment of the Brainwriter and help Not Impossible Labs in their mission to create innovative technology that make the impossible, possible.

Event information:

Sunday, March 20th

Wallspace Gallery
619 W. 27thStreet
New York NY 10001

$20 donation includes admission to the benefit and cocktails provided by Alibi.
Donate online

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