Rajiv Ratan, Director of BMRI, to Speak at B-Debate in Barcelona

Published October 21, 2013

Rajiv Ratan, M.D., Ph.D., Executive Director of the Burke Medical Research Institute, has been invited to speak at B-Debate, the International Center for Scientific Debate in Barcelona.  He will join 19 other neuroscience researchers from around the world in a two-day event, October 23-24, featuring scientific debates on advances in neuroregeneration.  On October 24, Ratan will present his perspective on “Putting the World ‘Cure’ in Neurological Rehabilitation: A Field Comes of Age” as part of a debate on the multidisciplinary approach to neuroregeneration.

The event is jointly organized by B-Debate and the Institute Guttmann, and aims “to share advances in the latest neuroregeneration therapies and discuss how to repair and improve the prognosis for spinal cord injuries, how to combine therapies based on neurorehabilitation with brain stimulation to get treatments that can reverse brain damage, and how to optimize the nervous system’s own regenerative ability.”  A full program of the event may be found here.

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