Dr. Donohoe Speaks on Role of Demethylation in Epigenetic Reprogramming

Published July 4, 2013

Mary E. Donohoe, Ph.D., director of Cellular Therapies at Burke Medical Research Institute, spoke at the Developmental Biology GRC Conference on July 4 at Lucca, Italy. According to Gordon Research Conferences, an organization that promotes discussions and the free exchange of ideas at the research frontiers of the biological, chemical and physical sciences through week-long  conferences, "developmental biology lies at the crossroads of all the life sciences, integrating investigations at molecular, cellular, tissue, organismal and evolutionary levels." The 2013 conference on Developmental Biology presented the most recent, cutting-edge research in the field.

As a leader in her field, Dr. Donohoe was invited to speak during the Stem Cell Biology Session. She spoke about the "The Role of Histone H3K27 Demethylation in Epigenetic Reprogramming."

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