The Burke Bunch Climb in Fight for Air Fundraiser

Published January 21, 2012

The Burke Bunch, staff members from Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, participated in the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb fund-raiser in Manhattan on Jan. 21. The group raised $1,861, $561 more than the group’s $1,300 goal, for this vertical marathon. The money will support the ALA’s mission of promoting lung health and preventing lung disease.

"We climbed because all of us feel very strongly that breathing shouldn't be an uphill battle," said team captain Christine LaLonde . "We work every day with patients who struggle to breathe because of chronic lung diseases like asthma and COPD. By participating in the Lung Association's Fight for Air Climb and supporting their work to find better treatments and cures for lung disease, we are able to support our patients in a different way."

The Fight for Air Climb isn't the first time Burke Rehabilitation has partnered with the Lung Association to promote healthy lungs and cleaner air.

This past November, the hospital raised $1,000 to support the Association's efforts with a "Wear Jeans to Work for a Day" fund-raiser. This was the second year in a row the hospital held such a fund-raiser to help the charity as part of the World COPD Day event at Burke. This event also included educational seminars, vendors and information from groups including the Lung Association and POW'R Cessation Center and POW'R Against Tobacco--two New York state grant-funded groups that work with the Lung Association to educate physicians and the community at large about the importance of tobacco cessation. The hospital also enlisted the support of the Lung Association and POW'R Against Tobacco when they made the Burke Rehabilitation campus entirely smoke-free. It was one of the first hospitals in Westchester and the State of New York to go smoke-free.

The groups efforts were featured in numerous editions of the Journal News' Express publications.

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