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Ray Calore

"I wanted the best rehab after my surgery and I’ve received it. Burke helped me regain my confidence. Burke provided me the rehab therapy I needed to succeed."

Ray Calore was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma, a rare bone cancer, in late 2008 and had to have his left leg amputated in order to beat it. "As soon as I knew that keeping the leg was no longer an option, I determined to move on," Ray said. "I had the best surgeon and I wanted the best rehab."

Ray was admitted to Burke's Amputee Rehabilitation Program in January 2009 for post operative training that included learning how to walk on crutches. "It was scary at first," Ray admitted. "I was at the top of the stairs with one leg looking down, and I took that first step down—the hardest—and then, the rest fell into place.

Ray received physical and occupational therapy that helped him increase strength and fitness, as well as taught him how to go about his daily life. "Burke's rehabilitation built my confidence," he said. "Four sessions of physical and occupational therapy, five days a week kept me busy and got me to my goal—to be mobile."

Initially, Ray thought he would use crutches and a wheelchair, but Banny Shah, M.P.T., who was then the team leader of the Amputee Rehabilitation Program, suggested he try a C-Leg, a microprocessor-controlled prosthesis that adjusts to gait. He was fitted for the prosthesis and returned to Burke for prosthetic training.

"My first steps were horrendous," Ray recalled. "But then I had one good step that made me want to continue. My main goal is to walk."

Through his hard work and with the help of Burke's inpatient and outpatient therapists, Ray had made great strides in less than a year after surgery. In that time, he was able to go back to driving, walk with crutches and with a prosthesis. "I wanted the best rehab and I received it," he said. "Burke helped me regain my confidence and provided me the rehab therapy I needed to succeed."

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