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What Our Patients Are Saying

Amputee Rehabilitation Program

I wanted the best rehab after my surgery and I’ve received it. Burke helped me regain my confidence. Burke provided me the rehab therapy I needed to succeed.
Ray Calore
I knew right away: this has got to be the real deal.
Max Gomez

Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program

My therapists were wonderful and encouraging, but most importantly, they treated me with integrity and were honest with me.
Sondra DeMichele

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program

I heard Burke was tops and being here has confirmed that. They treat you with such gentleness but also challenge you so you would get better.
Fr. Joseph Henchey
They were wonderful. They knew what my questions were going to be before I even asked them.
Arthur Potenza

Neurological Rehabilitation Program

At Burke they make you work hard but they helped me heal and to be able to walk again.
Heath Baker
If I get better, I'm going to come back here and volunteer.
Loretta Nelson

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program

When people come to Burke, whatever ailment they have, they feel a sense of hope.
Rosemary Leavitt
I was amazed, myself, to realize that every day I was actually doing a little bit better.
Eva Zellner
I was confident that I was going to get well and wanted to go to the number one rehab facility. Burke has met all my expectations and more. I don’t know how my rehab experience could have been any better than at Burke.
Susan Feingold-Klepper

Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Program

The staff is top-notch. Second to nobody.
Tony Chin
In a short time, I was able to see the great strides someone can make in just 10 days.
Jeff Kostiw

Stroke Rehabilitation Program

When I'm here, I feel like I'm among family. ... It really is the best place to get well.
Joe Arlotta
When people come to Burke, whatever ailment they have, they feel a sense of hope.
Rosemary Leavitt
When I first arrived at Burke, the impression I got was just absolute amazement that it ran like such a wonderful machine. Everyone was attentive, and I was taken care of.
William Mautner
The Fitness Center’s Fit for Life Program was recommended to me to help with post-stroke recovery. I’m so glad I joined.
John Murray
If I didn’t tell people I had a stroke, they have no idea, and that’s a testament to what Burke has done for me.
Karen Ohaire

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Patient Outcomes

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital believes that patients and referral sources should have accurate information when it comes to making healthcare decisions. This includes choosing a rehabilitation facility and program.

One way to facilitate this process is to report our patient outcomes information. Outcomes are a report card of sorts that gauge how well patients do in a program and that in turn sheds light on how we are doing as a rehabilitation hospital.

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