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Cardiopulmonary - Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Description

The goal of Burke’s Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program is to help you achieve the most active and productive life possible, despite physical limitations. It is divided into two parts: the cardiac program and the pulmonary program. The cardiac program is tailored for individuals with heart disease and the post-operative cardiac patient. The pulmonary program serves young adult through elderly patients, with diagnoses such as COPD - emphysema, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, chronic and acute respiratory failure, and pulmonary fibrosis. 

Whether you are living with a chronic lung disease or have suffered an acute lung condition, we assist your recovery with intensive therapy (five to six times a week), and we teach you strategies to help you manage your condition. Rehabilitation nursing and access to a physician are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The interdisciplinary rehabilitation team consists of you, your family or caregiver, physician, nurses, social worker/case manager, occupational therapist, physical therapist, recreation therapist and dietician. Led by Richard Novitch, M.D., a pulmonologist, the professionals on the team will assess your medical and rehabilitation needs and work with you to establish your individual goals. In close collaboration, the team designs and implements your treatment program. Throughout your treatment, the entire team meets formally once per week to discuss your progress, and Dr. Novitch monitors the overall team process and outcome. 

Family members and caregivers are encouraged to attend and participate in treatment sessions and care as appropriate. Comprehensive education for you and your family or caregiver is essential to reaching your goals. Team members provide a series of lectures and discussions on pulmonary wellness daily.


Scope of Services 
The cardiopulmonary program provides care to all patients admitted secondary to cardiopulmonary dysfunction leading to limitations in functional capabilities. The population served ranges from young adult to elderly. These patients present post surgically or following an exacerbation of a chronic cardiopulmonary condition and require the level of care provided by an acute rehabilitation hospital.  Patients present with various levels of medical acuity which is diagnosis and/or exacerbation based. The patient must be medically stable to be able to be medically managed in the acute rehabilitation environment and to tolerate approximately 3 hours of therapy/day. Each cardiac and/or pulmonary patient will receive a minimum of 3 hours of therapy a day, 5 days per week, generally Monday through Friday, and a sixth day of therapy, generally Saturday, for 1-2 hours. Skilled therapy will be provided in a combination of physical therapy and occupational therapy and/or speech therapy if needed. 

The Cardiopulmonary Team is committed to ensuring that each individual’s needs are addressed by:

  • Providing rehabilitation through an interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes communication, collaboration and cooperation
  • Lessening limitations of activities by focusing on the individual’s capabilities and utilizing compensatory strategies and devices
  • Providing the highest quality, patient focused rehabilitation
  • Removing or lessening restrictions to participation in life situations to the extent possible
  • Providing counseling to the individual and family and/or caregiver on alternative possibilities for life participation when necessary
  • Preparing the individual, family and/or caregiver to make the transition to the next stage of the rehabilitation process

 The diagnoses commonly served include but are not limited to:

  • COPD: emphysema, bronchitis, asthma, bronchiectasis
  • Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Restrictive Lung Diseases
  • Post operative Thoracotomy s/p Pneumonectomy, Lobectomy or wedge resection.
  • Status Post Lung Volume Reduction Surgery
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Status Post Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
  • Status Post Valve Replacement (mitral, aortic)
  • Medical debility

Educational Objectives 
All cardiac and pulmonary patients will attend daily patient education classes, which are delivered by the interdisciplinary team. This education is open for family and caregiver attendance as well as patient participation. Educational objectives of the patient education classes are based on self care and disease management, resource utilization as well as community re-entry following discharge. 

Located in White Plains, New York, Burke Rehabilitation Hospital's Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program attracts cardiopulmonary patients from Westchester County, New York City, Long Island, Northern New Jersey, and Connecticut. Burke also welcomes cardiopulmonary patients from across the country and around the world.

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