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Strategic Initiatives

The generous contributions of our donors are an essential part of making and keeping Burke one of the country’s premier leaders in rehabilitation medicine. Your support allows us to ensure that our patients have access to the most highly skilled and experienced doctors, nurses and therapists and the most sophisticated rehabilitation therapies and treatments, together facilitating their recovery and improving their outcomes.

There are many different ways to partner with us, all of which help us continue to be at the forefront of rehabilitation medicine and provide the high-quality, state-of-the-art care for which Burke has been known for over a century. There are several areas and initiatives where your donations can have an especially significant impact and truly make a difference.

Advanced Technology and Innovation
To support the increasingly complex rehabilitation needs of today’s patients, we constantly upgrade our existing equipment, as well as purchase new equipment and technology as it becomes available. This allows us to innovate and ensure that we can continue to provide the gold standard of rehabilitation care for our patients and continue to achieve the best possible outcomes. But, advanced technology and innovation is costly, and your help in bringing these to Burke can greatly influence the speed and success of our patients’ recovery process.

The Healing Environment
Research has demonstrated that the healing environment itself — patient rooms, amenities, physical surroundings — plays a critical role in not only enhancing the patient experience, but in improving the recovery process as well. We want the inside of Burke to be as idyllic as our grounds and are upgrading our patient rooms with more modern and comfortable interiors and technologies that enhance patient safety. These changes are part of our commitment to provide the best experience and outcomes from admission to discharge.

Outpatient Services
Outpatient rehabilitation is an integral part of the continuum of care for patients who received acute rehabilitation care on an inpatient basis at Burke or other hospital. It is equally important for individuals who need rehabilitation services for an injury or symptoms of a chronic condition.

From physical and occupational therapy to speech, language and swallowing therapy, and from neuropsychology to cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, Burke has established an extensive outpatient network to meet this need. With locations throughout Westchester, the Hudson Valley and the Bronx we want to continue to expand this network of outpatient rehabilitation centers to all the neighborhoods and communities where our patients live and work.

Capital Projects
As our patients’ needs change, so must our facilities. In recent years for example, and thanks to the generosity of our donors, we added two new areas: The Marsal Caregiver Center, a tranquil place for caregivers to find respite, resources and guidance; and an expanded inpatient neurorehabilitation gym, designed to specifically support the rehabilitation needs of spinal cord injury patients, stroke patients and those with other neurological conditions.

Your support of capital projects such as these will allow us to continue to improve, expand and modernize our facilities in the best interests of our patients and their families.

Whatever your personal connection to Burke, we hope you will explore our website to discover the full range of what we do and find inspiration along the way. Your support is an essential component of our patient’s successful recovery. For more information about giving opportunities and how you can you support Burke, please contact our Development Department at (914) 597-2847.

W.M. Burke Cabinet

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital was founded due to the generosity of one man: John Masterson Burke. It is befitting to recognize our loyal supporters with membership to the
W.M. Burke Cabinet.

For more information, contact the
Development Department
at (914) 597-2847.

Chairman's Cabinet 2021

Rita & James Cain

The Charles A. Mastronardi Foundation

Craig H. Neilsen Foundation

Linda & Thomas Devine

Bonnie & Tom Grace

Leona Kern

Megan Marsal

Kathleen & Bryan Marsal

Rosemary McAllister

Jeffrey Menkes & Susan Fox

Joseph M. Murphy

The Thomas & Agnes Carvel Foundation

The V & L Marx Foundation

Will Rogers Institute

Executive Cabinet 2021

Richard J. Ahearn

Anne & Wilfred A. Finnegan

J. David Lynn

Cathy & John R. McCarthy

The Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick

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