Adult Fitness Center

Renovation Updates

The Burke Adult Fitness Center is currently undergoing a renovation of the facility and upgrading the fitness equipment. Burke anticipates some areas of the Center will be temporarily closed at times, but the goal is to keep renovations as unobtrusive as possible. This page will provide updates for members on what they can expect throughout the renovation process. We appreciate your patience during this time as we enhance our center to provide an improved member experience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (914) 597-2805.

We are pleased to report that the renovations are progressing on schedule. The former “brick room” (soon to be “cardio room”) is complete. Some of the equipment that was taken out of the fitness center will be returned to this new space.  

The next area being renovated is the men’s locker room. A temporary locker room has been set up in the massage room (across the hall from the women’s locker room). A shower is available in the rest room adjacent to the massage room. We anticipate approximately three weeks to completion of this phase of the project.

This phase will not affect the availability of the women’s locker room.

The massage room has been temporarily relocated to the second floor. 

The main fitness center area is now complete.

The next project on the agenda is the brick room, and renovations will begin 12/18. While this room will not be available for exercise, you will still have access to the locker rooms and massage room.

The 2nd phase of our renovation is complete. The front portion of room 107 is now open with cardiovascular equipment (treadmills, ellipticals and bikes) available. We were able to fit 9 pieces of equipment into this space. We anticipate this phase being complete in one week. 

In the meantime, you may use the upstairs gym to access addition cardiovascular equipment- outside of the cardiac rehab hours.


Scanning in - when you arrive at the gym and you enter the lobby, you will be asked to scan your membership card at the security desk. You will no longer need to scan your card in the gym.

Fitlinxx scan in - If you are used to using the cardio room on the main floor, we'd like to inform you that half of the room is open while the other half is undergoing renovations. The Fitlinxx kiosk is in this room. To enter the cardio room, walk down the hallway to room 107.

We have made sure there is a variety of machines available, including 5 treadmills, 2 recumbent bikes, 2 upright bikes and 2 ellipticals.

Thank you for your patience, 
Your Burke fitness staff

Membership Packet

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