Adaptive Sports & Fitness

The Burke Fitness Challenge

For individuals with neurologic impairments or people using wheelchairs, the Burke Fitness Challenge provides an individualized exercise program to maintain or improve cardiovascular and muscular stamina. Membership includes 2-3 orientation sessions with a trained professional to help build the appropriate exercise program and determine which equipment is beneficial for use. A staff member will always be present to help answer any questions, and progress members upon request. The program takes place in the Outpatient Physical Therapy department.

Fitness Challenge Enrollment Packet


  • Month-to-month memberships: 
    • $80 per month (6-month membership)
    • $70 per month (12-month membership)
  • Paid in Full memberships: 
    • 6 months: $456
    • 12 Months: $756

For more information on the Burke Fitness Challenge, please contact Katelyn Walter at (914) 597-2122 or

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