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Rehab Insights is a blog written by Burke Rehabilitation professionals to offer practical information for patients, families and the community. Its goal is to educate the reader on relevant topics in rehabilitation, general health and wellness.

Burke's VP of Inpatient Rehabilitation Discusses the Important Role of Physical Therapists

October 24, 2018

October is National Physical Therapy Month. We sat down with Burke’s Vice President of Inpatient Rehabilitation, Sandra Alexandrou, PT, MBA, to discuss the vital role physical therapists play in helping patients reach their highest level of independence.

How does Burke utilize physical therapy to enrich the lives of its patients?

Physical therapy is a healing and dynamic profession. Physical therapists and assistants use a variety of therapeutic interventions, technology, and direct hands on care to restore function, reduce pain and maximize independence in an effort to improve each patient’s physical and functional abilities.

What are some recent breakthroughs or advances in the field of physical therapy?

This is definitely an exciting time for the field of physical therapy. While their hands are their best tools, therapists and assistants incorporate innovations in technology to enhance functional and physical abilities and promote well-being, outcomes, and patient engagement. Some examples of technologies that are contributing to patient care include the use of rehabilitation robots, telemedicine, video game systems, iPad and Smartphone apps and more advanced uses of electrical stimulation.

What special message would you have for all physical therapists, assistants, and students during Physical Therapy Awareness month?

Physical therapy is an incredibly rewarding and meaningful profession. Therapists and assistants change the lives of their patients daily and contribute significantly to the quality of their lives. When a clinician can restore hope in someone’s life, they have made a profound impact on that patient’s recovery. Therapists and assistants should be proud of what they do every day as they transform lives.

What makes Burke special in its approach to the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses?

Burke physical therapists and physical therapist assistants individualize the care and therapeutic interventions for each patient to ensure that the unique needs of each patient are addressed during the course of therapy. Their professionalism, expertise, commitment and knowledge allow them to enjoy a significant, well-earned reputation of providing excellent patient centered care. 

What do you feel is the most important piece of information a patient should know before, during, or after therapy?

Physical therapists and physical therapist assistants form strong partnerships with their patients throughout the entire rehabilitation process. While treating the patient, they work collaboratively with the patient and caregiver(s) to guide, coach, educate and to encourage the patient to achieve the best possible outcome, continuously reinforcing that goal achievement is a team effort.

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