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2017 Wheelchair Games

September 26, 2017

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, September 23rd as the Burke campus transformed into a competitive forum for the 38th Annual Wheelchair Games. Athletes from all over the tristate area came to compete in field, table tennis, slalom, basketball and track events. With almost 85 athletes and their families and friends cheering them on, friendly competition was the theme of the day. There was music, games, face painting, snacks and raffles that were enjoyed by both the athletes and spectators.

The day began with morning field events in the center of Burke’s picturesque campus. These field events included shotput, discus throw, javelin throw, bean bag toss, precision toss, high toss and club toss. Volunteers were on hand to offer encouragement and track the athletes’ results.

In the middle of the day, athletes competed in table tennis and raced through our slalom obstacle course. This specially designed course had the athletes moving forward, backward and in zig-zag patterns.

This year’s highly anticipated basketball exhibition did not disappoint. A lively game of basketball took place just after lunch with a variety of hoops for players to shoot on. In a true show of teamwork, our athletes were constantly passing to each other so that everybody got the chance to score.

The day wrapped up with track events ranging from the 20-meter dash to the 1,500-meter race. Participants ran and wheeled along Burke’s track as the crowd cheered from the sideline.

Thank you to all of the 160 volunteers who helped make the day so much fun for our athletes. Volunteers for the event come from the community at large as well as some of the local schools and organizations, such as Manhattanville College, PepsiCo and Holy Name of Jesus. We also thank our sponsors of the event for their commitment to Burke’s mission and enabling us to host this inclusive day for athletes that may otherwise not get to participate in these sports activities. We saw so many familiar faces competing, watching and volunteering, and hope that everyone will join us again next year at our 39th Annual Wheelchair Games.

Click here to view the results of the 2017 Wheelchair Games.

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