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Rehab Insights is a weekly blog written by Burke Rehabilitation professionals to offer practical information for patients, families and the community. Its goal is to educate the reader on relevant topics in rehabilitation, general health and wellness.

May is American Stroke Month

May 26, 2015

sm-stroke-awareness-post-1May is American Stroke Month—a month set aside to increase stroke awareness and help people learn the signs and symptoms of a stroke.

At Burke, the goal of the Stroke Rehabilitation Program is to help patients achieve the highest level of independence possible as they recover from the physical, visual, cognitive and psychological impairments caused by stroke. Our experienced team uses evidence-based practices and comprehensive services to prevent secondary complications, minimize impairment, reduce limitations to your activities and help you achieve your full potential.

On the research end, scientists at Burke Medical Research Institute are working to combat the growing number of people who suffer from stroke. For instance, Dr. David Putrino's lab has piloted gamified stroke therapy, using a motion sensor stroke survivors are flying an airplane in a video game and Dr. Dylan Edwards' lab conducts clinical trials using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for stoke motor recovery.

This year, the American Stroke Association ‘s campaign centers around Stroke Heroes.”Stroke Heroes are people who know what the acronym F.A.S.T. means and can recognize a stroke and respond quickly by calling 9-1-1. During a stroke emergency, they're the ones who may help make the difference between life and death or full recovery and permanent disability,” they write.

Here’s an easy way to remember F.A.S.T.:

F – Face Drooping

A – Arm Weakness

S – Speech Difficulty

T – Time to call 911

Learn even more by taking the FAST quiz.

For more on Burke’s stroke program, click here and for more on the research being conducted, click here.

And be sure to follow Burke on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on stroke prevention and research.

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