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Share Your Success Story: Anne Price

March 10, 2015

just_me_at_mike's_weddingIn 1987, Anne Price was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Over the years, the New Rochelle resident and former nurse has spent time as both an inpatient and an outpatient at Burke. Today, the 57-year-old works from home in online sales and stays active by participating in Burke’s Fitness Challenge.

We asked Anne a few questions about her experience at Burke:

Why were you at Burke?
I was a nurse, but because of my multiple sclerosis, I became disabled in 2007.  I met Alexandra [Oudheusden, Burke’s Director of Therapeutic Recreation] in 2008 when I was an inpatient at Burke. I got to Burke praying they could help me after I broke my ankle during an exacerbation of my MS.

What was the experience like for you?
I was scared, but they worked with me and gave me hope.Alexandra was so encouraging and checked on me each day. She started a yoga class in 2009 and contacted me at home to participate in the therapeutic yoga classes—that was the start of me turning my life around.

In 2010, I needed outpatient physical therapy for endurance and spasticity. At the end of outpatient PT, the physical therapist told me about a new program Burke was offering called the Fitness Challenge. I started that program and have never stopped.  Each therapist I meet gives me more hope and encouragement than I could ever have imagined. They never say you can't, they say, “Just try.”

Would you recommend Burke to others? And if so, why?
I tell everyone about Burke and give them the credit for my improvements. It is the best place to come when you need physical therapy, OT, speech therapy and community programs. My motto is: Baby steps are better than no steps at all, because with the right help it will happen.

How are you doing now?
Burke gave me my life back. I have become more independent over time. My family can't believe the progress I have made.  I no longer need a live-in helper. I am back to caring for myself, cooking, and doing laundry.  I still have limitations, but I can deal with them much better than before.

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