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Last Chance to See Burke's Centennial Lobby Display

November 10, 2015

If you haven't had a chance to check out Burke's Centennial lobby display, mark your calendars today!

Burke’s Centennial year is coming to an end and with it our display will also be closing. The Lobby Display, which is currently in the lobby of Wood Pavillion on Burke’s main campus in White Plains, will be open until December 1.

The display features artifacts and relics dating back to Burke’s inception 100 years ago, such as a hand-printed original blueprint of Burke’s Billings Building by renowned architectural firm McKim, Mead & White and a turn-of-the-century pocket watch owned by John Masterson Burke, the hospital’s founder.

The exhibit also highlights new innovations in rehabilitation technology, including a prosthetic arm produced by a 3D printer, interactive demos with a photon microscope, and a Vital Health Connect digital patch that monitors and wirelessly transmits patients’ vital signs to health care providers.

The lobby is open every day until December 1. For more info, visit

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