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Burke at the TCS NYC Marathon

November 3, 2015

This past Sunday, a team of runners from the Train the Brain movement ran the 26.2 mile TCS NYC Marathon to raise money for Burke. The team, made up of friends of Brad Berman—a young stroke survivor and marathon runner himself—was fundraising for the lower extremity robotics program at Burke.

The program helps patients who have difficulty walking due to stroke or brain injury as these conditions often cause paralysis or weakness on one side of the body. Robotic therapy offers repetitious movement which is important for motor recovery after a neurological injury or illness. The lower extremity robot will help patients with targeted therapy to improve their gait, balance and overall endurance, further helping in their recovery.

Through the marathon, the team has raised close to $57,000! Congrats to all the runners!

Here a few photos from the event:  

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