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New Therapy Groups Open in Burke's Outpatient Neuropsychology Department

October 13, 2015

In addition to one-on-one therapy, Burke's outpatient neuropsychology department offers specialized therapy groups. Each group is tailored to help individuals and their loved ones navigate the unpredictable and exhausting rehabilitation journey, which is often full of uncertainty and fear. The department provides beneficial group sessions that can facilitate positive responses to the adverse impact of injury and illness.

The therapy groups are facilitated by professionals in the field of neuropsychology, with specialized training and experience in addressing each individual’s unique clinical needs. The groups are diverse and explore many issues that impact the various stages of the rehabilitation process. 

Groups run for 10 consecutive weeks, for one hour a week. They are limited to 12 people per group. There are currently three new therapy groups open for participants:

Young Survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy Group
Following brain injury, most people go through a period of necessary adjustment. This group aims to assist people living with a brain injury to cope more effectively with their unique needs. Group members support one another in the exploration of how their lives have been affected by the loss of abilities, decrease in independence, personality changes, professional adjustments, and alterations in family structure. The impact of this trauma on significant relationships is validated. Group members explore methods of accepting change, as they share the challenges and ultimate successes in their journey. 

The Mindfulness Based Stress Relief Therapy Group
Is the impact of chronic illness negatively impacting your life? This group aims to assist group members to learn mindfulness practices, and thereby adjust more effectively to the ongoing stress of living with a chronic medical condition. Practical, hands-on techniques that have been clinically proven to alleviate stress, anxiety, panic, depression, and chronic pain, will be taught and reinforced. Research shows that the integration of mind and body techniques can provide deep and long lasting healing. This assists group members to strive towards and attain a more grounded and happier life.

Therapy Group with a Focus on Chronic Pain Management
Chronic pain is a debilitating medical condition that adversely impacts multiple aspects of a person's quality of life. This can be a physically as well as emotionally painful experience. The aim of the group is to understand each person’s unique context of pain, and to embrace the requirement for individualized but multidimensional intervention. A person living with chronic pain needs to be an active participant in managing this challenge, and it is to this end that members will be provided with strategies that enable them to alter the way that they conceptualize their pain experience, and actively cope with it. Attendees support and encourage one another to embrace change, and to live more effectively with chronic pain.

For more information on classes or to receive a schedule, call (914) 597-2332. Read more about Burke's neuropsychology program here. 

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