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Rehab Insights is a weekly blog written by Burke Rehabilitation professionals to offer practical information for patients, families and the community. Its goal is to educate the reader on relevant topics in rehabilitation, general health and wellness.

Burke Launches Rehab Insights

January 8, 2013
Mary Beth Walsh, M.D.


As we welcome in 2013, Burke Rehabilitation Center continues to explore new ways to reach and educate patients. We are at an unprecedented time in history; one that allows for instant communication and information sharing. With this in mind, Burke is introducing our first Rehab Insights blog. This new monthly feature on our website will allow community members, students and prospective patients to access important medical insights from our renowned medical staff.

Rehab Insights is a new platform that allows our experts to share their medical insights and foster conversations about rehabilitation. From spinal cord injury, to traumatic brain injury, to stroke, to orthopedics, our respected Burke staff is eager to share pertinent information with you. The goal is to help you gain a better understanding of the role of rehabilitation in medicine today.

In the coming months, our medical staff will introduce you to the latest technology and the most current treatment options for those who experience a life changing illness or injury. Burke strives to deliver the most optimal, customized care because our mission is to help each patient reach maximum recovery. The new Rehab Insights blog is another way of achieving our goal of bettering the lives of the patients we serve.

Next month Rehab Insights will feature Argy Stampas, M.D., director of Burke’s Spinal Cord Injury Program, who will discuss spinal cord injury rehabilitation during the acute injury stage and beyond. A recognized leader in spinal cord rehabilitation, Dr. Stampas will cover the current approach to treatment as well as a hopeful future for patients with paralysis.

We hope you find our new blog both helpful and enjoyable.

— Mary Beth Walsh, M.D.
Executive Medical Director and CEO

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