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Pioneering Rehabilitation

Centers & Clinics - Outpatient

Burke Medical Research Institute has established centers to investigate basic and translational research and to offer outpatient clinics and programs focused around accelerating and advancing the latest neurorehabilitation treatments.

Research Centers

Burke Medical Research Institute has established research centers to investigate basic and translational research focused around progressing the latest neurorehabilitation treatments.

Core Facilities

Burke Medical Research Institute has established core facilities to provide BMRI researchers with advanced equipment and scientific expertise, essential for cutting-edge neurorehabilitation research.

Research Focus

Burke Medical Research Institute’s core focus spotlights the development of centers or working groups that are organized around neurological conditions relevant to the Institute such as stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury and neurological diseases.

The overarching goal of the neurological centers is to define which targets in the body will ultimately need to be modified to alter the trajectory of neurological diseases and to create an understanding among a working group of what it takes to ultimately test drugs or biologicals that manipulate these targets in humans.

In addition to neurological disease-based centers, we also have formed working groups around neurological recovery of the body’s most cherished functions-vision, movement, thinking, and one of its most abhorred but necessary functions, pain. The purpose of these centers is to place the focus squarely on function and the biological determinants of recovering function after a neurological injury or diminishing pain after injury. By setting up working groups whose focus is neurological function, we can better understand how to restore these functions.