Pioneering Rehabilitation

Saravanan S. Karuppagounder, Ph.D.

Director, Sperling Center for Hemorrhagic Stroke Recovery

About Saravanan Karuppagounder

Brain and Mind Research Institute
Weill Cornell Medicine


(914) 597-2696

Research Focus

My research interests focus on the use of small molecule inhibitors of hypoxia inducible factor prolyl hydroxylases (HIF PHDs) as novel therapeutics for intracerebral hemorrhage. We have developed an in vitro model to mimic hemorrhagic stroke using hemin, which induces cell death in various neuronal cell types that is rescued by PHD inhibitors. We also utilize an in vivo rat or mice models for hemorrhagic stroke using autologous blood infusion or hemin. We are testing the efficacy of PHD inhibitors in these preclinical animal models using end points including brain edema volume, neuronal survival, and behavioral outcomes. Our findings suggest that PHD inhibitors are promising candidates for preventing cell death in hemorrhagic stroke.


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