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Pioneering Rehabilitation

Andrew M. Goldfine, M.D.

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor , Neurology and Neuroscience

Weill Cornell Medical College

Rehabilitation Neurologist, Burke Rehabilitation Hospital

Research Focus and Bio

Andrew Goldfine is a neurorehabilitation neurologist at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital and a clinical investigator at Burke Medical Research Institute and Weill Cornell Medical College. His clinical expertise is in recovery from stroke and traumatic brain injury, including patients with disorders of consciousness. His research interests include detection of consciousness in severely brain injured patients, and enhancement of recovery after brain injury through treatment of arousal disorders. 

Regarding detection of consciousness, Dr. Goldfine has been collaborating with Drs. Nicholas Schiff and Jonathan Victor from Weill Cornell Medical College since 2009. They have developed a system to detect command following in patients with severe brain injury who are unable to communicate in any other way. The approach uses EEG which can be performed at the bedside. This methodology is now being studied in a multi-center trial funded by the James S. McDonnell Foundation.

Dr. Goldfine's research at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital focuses on a condition called apathy. This is a behavioral disorder in patients with stroke and TBI of reduced goal-directed behavior and flattened affect. It is important because it results in patients participating less in rehabilitation, and is associated with worse outcomes. Dr. Goldfine has hypothesized that this is due to dysfunctional brain arousal. Dr. Goldfine is using EEG and MRI brain imaging to determine if this is true, and in parallel, developing clinical trials of agents to treat this condition. 


Links to Dr. Goldfine's publications are available here