About the Institute

Pioneering Rehabilitation

What is Rehabilitation Research?

The advancement of treatments for disability associated with neurological diseases is a challenging problem. Rehabilitation research focuses on reducing disabilities and handicaps associated with a host of impairments including paralysis, sensory loss, and language function. Our ability to conquer the multiple obstacles we face requires the participation and support of patients, families and others in the surrounding community.

This participation can take the form of participating in clinical trials; the donation of expertise that allows the research or clinical engine to function more efficiently at Burke; or fundraising to enhance the number of approaches that we can take to solving problems associated with brain protection and repair.

To enlist this needed participation we consider it our responsibility to educate about the risks of stroke, spinal cord injury and other neurological diseases and how to avoid these risks; to inform the public about available, proven approaches to enhance rehabilitation in neurological diseases; and to provide information on the research endeavors at Burke that seek to directly improve our ability to reduce disability. Educational forums, symposia and small patient focus groups are planned to accommodate these goals.