Award Winning Scientists: Our scientists have been awarded numerous federal, state and private grants to conduct cutting edge research.
Ivy League Affiliation: All Burke faculty have appointments at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City.
Training the Next Generation of Leaders in Brain Repair: BMRI fosters and cultivates young scientists, clinicians, and clinician-scientists who will lead the next generation in studies on repair and rehabilitation of the nervous system.
Focus on Basic, Translational, and Clinical Research Related to the Brain: Burke is currently the only major basic Research Institute in the United States that functions in synergy with a rehabilitation hospital.

Pioneering Rehabilitation

Message From Our Director

The Burke Rehabilitation Hospital is a recognized leader in delivering  state-of-the art care for the injured and disabled. 

An important engine for Burke’s quest to deliver the best rehabilitation strategies not only for today but also for tomorrow is the Burke Medical Research Institute.

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Faculty Spotlight

Jian Zhong, Ph.D.

Director, Molecular Regeneration and Neuroimaging Laboratory
Research Focus

“The primary focus of our laboratory is to delineate the molecular mechanisms that drive and direct axon growth, connectivity and regeneration in vivo. ”

Burke is currently seeking participants for clinical trials in the areas of
Alzheimer’s disease, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and children with hemiplegia.
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