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Rosemary Leavitt

“When people come to Burke, whatever ailment they have, they feel a sense of hope.”

Rosemary Leavitt first came to Burke in April 2012 after a stroke. You would not be able to tell today, but at the time Rosemary lost her ability to speak. “I had to learn how to talk again but the therapists truly worked with me to get better,” Rosemary said. “You get a sense of hope from the people here. The therapists not only have great skill but also are genuinely concerned about your well-being.”

Even the volunteers at Burke helped Rosemary on her road to recovery. An avid gardener, Rosemary was delighted when one of the volunteers, Bob, offered to her the opportunity to turn up the plans at the patient greenhouse. “Gardening is almost like therapy for me and I was so happy to be able to do that at Burke,” she said. At the end of her stay, Bob gave her four of the plants she was taking care of during her rehab.

“Those four plants are still with me,” she said during her most recent stay at Burke in January 2014. This time, she was back for rehab after she broke her hip. “[Burke] hasn’t changed. As soon as you walk through those doors you get that uplifting feeling,” Rosemary noted. “When people come to Burke, whatever ailment they have, they feel a sense of hope. That’s what makes this place outstanding.”