Inpatient Programs

Pioneering Rehabilitation

Arline Cohn, Ph.D.

"I came to Burke because I wanted to be strong again. I wanted the exercises and treatment program Burke offers so I could return to normal." 

Arline Cohn knew she wanted to go to Burke for rehabilitation many years before her hip replacement in 2007. She experienced the Burke difference when her mother was admitted in 1975 after she fractured her hip. "Burke was wonderful and her treatment was successful," Arline recalled.

Thirty-two years later, Arline chose to go to Burke's Single Joint Replacement Program after her hip replacement surgery. "I wanted Burke because I wanted to be strong again," she said. "I wanted the exercises and treatment program Burke offers so I could return to normal."

Arline received at least three hours of physical and occupational therapy daily to improve her movement and function. "I received individual attention and also worked in groups, allowing me to mix with others in the same boat," Arline noted. "The therapists were very approachable and nursing was efficient, pleasant and responsive."

Along with the quality of therapy, Arline was also impressed by the therapists' knowledge. "I cannot stress enough the expertise and quality of Burke's professionals," she said, adding that Burke helped her regain her strength by offering an exercise regimen that was "right for me, my body type and my osteo-fitness."

Patient Outcomes

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital believes that patients and referral sources should have accurate information when it comes to making healthcare decisions. This includes choosing a rehabilitation facility and program.

One way to facilitate this process is to report our patient outcomes information. Outcomes are a report card of sorts that gauge how well patients do in a program and that in turn sheds light on how we are doing as a rehabilitation hospital.