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Please note: Max Gomez went to our Outpatient Division for his rehab.

Program Description
The goal of Burke's Amputee Rehabilitation Program is to speed your healing, restore your confidence and provide you with the skills to return home and live as independently as possible after an amputation.

The two-phase program begins immediately following surgery. In the first phase, focus is on pain control, healing, emotional support and preparing the limb for prosthesis. A prosthetist—a professional who assesses, designs, measures, fabricates and fits various types of upper and lower extremity prostheses—is available at Burke through the amputee rehabilitation program. The prosthetist may be involved in the education and training in regarding the use, care and function of the prosthesis during phase II, which can be done on an inpatient or outpatient setting depending on the patient's level of function.

Rehabilitation nursing and access to a physician is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will receive three hours of therapy six times a week to increase strength and overall fitness. Once your artificial limb has been constructed and fitted, you will return to Burke for intensive physical and occupational therapy, to ensure maximum mobility and independence in your daily activities.

The interdisciplinary team consists of you, your family or caregiver, physician, nurses, therapists and social worker/case manager. Under the direction of Karen Pechman, M.D., a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, the professionals on the team will assess your medical and rehabilitation needs and work with you to establish your individual goals. In close collaboration, the team designs and implements your treatment program. Throughout your treatment, the entire team meets formally once per week to discuss your progress. Family members and caregivers are encouraged to attend and participate in treatment sessions and patient care as appropriate.

Scope of Services
The Amputee Rehabilitation Team is committed to:

  • Providing comprehensive, patient-focused rehabilitation, through an interdisciplinary approach based on communication, collaboration and cooperation.
  • Removing or lessening restrictions to participation in life activities.
  • Preparing the individual, family or caregiver for transition to the next stage of the rehabilitation process.

Amputee Rehabilitation Team Description
The Amputee Program philosophy is that comprehensive rehabilitation is best achieved through an interdisciplinary team approach. The core team consists of:

Medical Management
The multi-disciplinary team is lead by Karen Pechman, M.D., a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation who has extensive experience caring for amputee patients. As the leader of the team, Dr. Pechman is responsible for directing the medical care of the individual and monitoring the overall team process and outcome.  At Burke, a physician is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Medical consultations (Podiatry, Urology, Plastics, ENT, Dermatology, etc.) are available to address all a patient’s needs while at Burke.

In an effort to promote ongoing education and learning, an interdisciplinary in-service program is provided for the members of the Amputee Program team. Each discipline is responsible for presenting a topic. In-services are scheduled on a rotating basis once a month.

Team members attend professional conferences, continuing education courses and seminars throughout the year to supplement what is learned and experienced in the clinic. Participation in research initiatives and presentations of poster/platform presentations at seminars and conferences is encouraged.

Located in White Plains, New York, Burke Rehabilitation Hospital's Amputee Rehabilitation Program attracts amputation patients from Westchester County, New York City, Long Island, Northern New Jersey, and Connecticut. Burke also welcomes amputees from across the country and around the world.

Additional services available to meet individual patient needs include:

  • Amputee Support Group
  • Complementary Therapy
  • Laboratory Services
  • Medical Consultations (Podiatry, Urology, Plastics, ENT, Dermatology, etc.)
  • Neuropsychology
  • Orthotic Services
  • Pastoral Care
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology
  • Recreation Therapy
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy


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