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Burke is always trying to improve our services and overall patient experience. To this end, your feedback is very important to us. It's the best way we have of understanding your needs and finding new ways of serving them. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at the appropriate email addresses or phone numbers below.  Thank you!

Scheduling/Insurance Issues
(914) 597-2206
Physical Therapy–Related Issues
Main Campus: 
(914) 597-2527

Purchase Offsite: 
(914) 597-2133

Mamaroneck  Offsite: 
(914) 597-2556

Bronx Offsite: 
(914) 597-2424

Occupational Therapy- Related Issues 
(914) 597-2326

Speech Therapy-Related Issues: 
(914) 597-2288

Burke Outpatient Facts

Burke outpatient visits are on the rise.  Over the past several years, outpatient visits have risen considerably and Burke has experienced a 34 % increase in the number of outpatient therapy visits since 2005. 

In 2010, Burke provided nearly 70,000 outpatient visits which represented an increase of 5,800 visits from 2009.