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2013 Wheelchair Games Results

The 34th Annual Wheelchair Games on Sept. 28th were a huge success. Thank you to all of the participants, attendees, volunteers, and sponsors. 

2013 Wheelchair Games Award Winners are:

Matt Tomaino — John Lombardi Memorial Award

Dana Parrott— Maureen Ryan Carr Spirit Award

Christian Santos — Best Novice (Male)

Dana Parrott — Best Novice (Female)

Isaac Sullivan— Best Junior (Male)

Stephanie Marquez — Best Junior (Female)

Paul Tudisco — Best Adult (Male)

Shaleena Tomassini — Best Adult (Female)

Vernita Paige — Best Master (Female)

Joseph Dowling — Best Senior Master (Male)

Stephanie Marquez — Best Field Athlete

Caitlin Goerlich —Best Table Tennis Athlete (Female)

Brian Cox — Best Slalom Athlete (Male)

Vernita Paige — Best Slalom Athlete (Female)

2013 Wheelchair Games Sponsors

You Can Do 5K!

Go the Distance

Buck Consultants

Pine Brook Road Partners, LLC

Back on Track

Bussani Mobility Team

Eagle Capital Management

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Heels & Wheels 5K Road Race and Walk

The Heels & Wheels 5K is an early-morning road race held in conjunction with the Burke Wheelchair Games. The event is open to all, enabling walkers, runners and wheelchair athletes to compete together in a fun race. For more information, call (914) 597-2578.