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Pioneering Rehabilitation

John Murray

The Fitness Center’s Fit for Life Program was recommended to me to help with post-stroke recovery. I’m so glad I joined.”

John Murray came to Burke in 2002 for stroke rehabilitation. After rehab was over, his therapists recommended that he join the Fitness Center at Burke’s Fit for Life Program. The “Fit for Life” program is a group class where participants perform a variety of strengthening, flexibility, endurance, and balance exercises to further recovery after a stroke. The program is also offered to those who have COPD and Parkinson's disease.  

“I’m so glad I joined. I love the staff, the environment and the encouragement I am given here at Burke,” said John. “It put me on the road for a lifetime of fitness.”

After his program ended, John became an active member of the Fitness Center and has been for the past 11 years. “I work out three times a week on fantastic equipment,” said John.  The fitness center has equipment that ranges from Cyber Upright Steppers to the Cybex and LifeFitness Basic Strength-Training Machines.

“The people are great, too,” he said with a smile.