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The Burke Rehabilitation Hospital has been offering classes in Tai Chi for Health for over 20 years. We currently offer several 60 minute and 90 minute classes per week, which are scheduled in 10-week repeating cycles. Classes are offered during the day, evening and on Saturdays.

NOTE:  Except where indicated, all classes are taught standing

Tai Chi for Balance:  Designed to address balance concerns by incorporating the fundamental principles that are Tai Chi's foundation. It draws upon the essential and elemental Tai Chi movements using a progressively challenging and rewarding syllabus.  Various levels of Tai Chi for Balance are available including; the original Golden Tai Chi for Balance Program, Tai Chi for Balance plus and Therapeutic Tai Chi.

Therapeutic Tai Chi:  This class is taught seated and is appropriate for those individuals who use an assisted walking device, those with more acute balance or coordination issues or Neurological challenges such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or recovering stroke patients.  Students must be able to attend the class without the assistance of an aid or companion.

Traditional Tai Chi and Chi Kung:  A Traditional Tai Chi program including Tai Chi Forms, Chi Kung, Meditation and Visualization and Diaphragmatic Breathing exercises. Students work in individual groups at the same level of experience. This class is open to advanced as well as beginning students and held in the evening and Saturdays

Qigong & Neigong: This 90-minute class begins with 20 minutes of standing meditation.  The class then moves onto Sung (tranquil breathing)  and continues with the exploration of mindfulness in motion using  Qigong to explore the ancient internal practice of neigong (The Philosophy of Change). No experience is necessary; however, a desire to delve deeply into the heart of the Internal Meditative Arts is required. A conversation with Sifu, Gene Nelson is required

Dao Yin:    Dao Yin is the original Chinese Yoga.  All movements are done standing and walking.  This system was developed by the Shamanic Wu people over 4,000 years ago. The intent of this system is to purge stagnant Qi (pain) from the body through specific movements, breathing and mindful intent

All classes are taught or directly supervised by,

Sifu, Gene Nelson

Certified Master Tai Chi Instructor

American tai Chi and Qigong Association

For a full updated list of classes please view our Tai Chi Winter 2016-2017 Flyer. To register for the Tai Chi Winter 2016-2017 session download our Tai Chi Registration