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We did a little research. And it turns out a lot of you don't want the music-blaring, muscle-bulging environment of today's typical gym. That's why we created The Burke Fitness Center. Our public facility offers a more inviting approach to everyday fitness, with everything you need for cardio and strength training—and nothing you don’t.

 The Burke Fitness Center is designed for adults 40 and older to provide a comfortable and safe environment for exercise. Each member of the fitness center requires a physician's approval to exercise and has to provide an in-depth health history. Based on the individual's health history and goals, the individual will have a specific exercise program designed by a certified personal trainer. The trainer will go through the program with the individual three times. This will help ensure that the trainer and member are both comfortable with the member's ability to exercise independently and safely.

The fitness center features a unique computer system, FitLinxx™.  This is a specially-designed computer system that enables personal trainers to set up a members' program at each exercise machine through an individual computer. This allows for more instruction on each visit to reduce the amount of injuries caused by improper use of fitness equipment. The FitLinxx™ system also tracks everything the member does so that they can easily see the results of their exercise program.

The Burke Fitness Center provides a variety of different programs and  a state of the art facility to meet the needs of adults interested in exercise programs. So whether you have just completed rehabilitative therapy, or have an on-going medical condition, or are simply interested in getting into shape, The Burke Fitness Center is for you.

The facility is easily accessible to White Plains and the surrounding communities and offers ample free parking. For more information, please contact (914) 597-2805.

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