Adaptive Sports & Fitness

Pioneering Rehabilitation


Burke is excited to be launching a brand new handcycling program as a result of winning a Quality of Life Grant from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation. We will begin recruiting participants for this new endeavor throughout 2014. The program is designed to offer participants an opportunity to try a variety of handcycles in a supported environment. Over time, we will establish regular cardio, strength and flexibility trainings using the cycles and other specialized equipment to enhance endurance and skill.

Appropriate applicants with physical disabilities would include those who have an interest in handcycling, who can get themselves to Burke’s Main Campus in White Plains, and who have a minimum of gross upper body strength/movement in order to move the hand pedals. Beginners are welcome—we have plenty of experienced bikers and therapists on hand to assist you with transfers and techniques for using the bikes. 

If you are interested in our Handcycling Program and would like to learn more, please email