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Adaptive Yoga

Experience yoga in a therapeutic and supportive setting to help improve your flexibility, balance, strength, breathing, relaxation and mind-body connection.  This adapted style of yoga will meet the need of adults with a range of physical challenges (joint replacements, spinal surgeries, neurological disease, arthritis, cancer, stroke, COPD, cardiac, etc.). 

Participants must complete a health survey and liability waiver prior to attending class. 

This is a seated, chair-based class with an option to stand and/or use a mat on the floor. After registration, please RSVP prior to each class.

Fee: $105 for 10 classes (Non-Members)   $85 for 10 classes (Members)

For more information, to register or RSVP, please call Alexandra at (914) 597-2248 or email her at

Slow Flow Yoga

Enjoy sustained stretches to release and relax the body and mind combined with dynamic, slow-flow poses to create strength and balance.  Each class will incorporate breathwork and finish with savasana, the final relaxation pose.  This is a mat-based and standing class. No yoga experience is necessary but participants should be comfortable moving between the floor and standing.  Props are provided – please refrain from eating within two hours prior to class.  Pre-registration is required.

Fee: $105 for 10 classes (Non-Members)   $85 for 10 classes (Members)

To make reservations for a class, please email Alexandra at (914) 597-2248 or

Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga uses restorative (supported) yoga poses, gentle yoga, breath work, guided meditation and hands-on healing to help individuals nurture their bodies to promote health and wellness.                                

Some benefits of therapeutic yoga:

  • Can decrease stress, pain, and inflammation
  • Supports the immune, cardiovascular, pulmonary and digestive systems

Fees: $95 per hour - Small-group rates available upon request.

For an appointment, call (914) 597-2248 or email Alexandra at 

Adaptive, Slow Flow and Therapeutic Yoga classes are taught by Integrative Yoga Therapist, Alexandra Oudheusden, MS.


A "Hatha" yoga class that is adapted to meet all levels of age and ability. Postures are modified for each person's level of mobility, flexibility and endurance. Breathing techniques are also emphasized. Yoga is a system of "Wholeness" and incorporates components from the mind, body and spirit.
Fees: $132 for 12 one-hour classes, once a week. Discounts are available for Burke Fitness Center Members. For more information, please call (914) 597-2805.

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